Dry Eye

Dry EyeA common eye condition found in patients of all ages is dry eye.  It is caused by insufficient tear production in the eyes or improper chemical composition in the tears.

Dry eye is unfortunately part of the natural aging process. It can also occur by blinking or due to eyelid problems, side effects of antihistamines, oral contraceptives and anti-depressants, a dry climate, allergies, wind and dust or general health problems like arthritis.

Patients who suffer from irritated, scratchy, dry and uncomfortable red eyes, a burning sensation or have a feeling of a foreign object in the eyes, should contact Dr. Monetta immediately for a medical eye examination.  These symptoms may damage eye tissue, scar the cornea, impair vision or make contact lens wear difficult.

Dr. Monetta can prescribe treatment so that the eyes remain healthy.  Some treatments recommended by Dr. Monetta may include blinking more frequently, increasing humidity at home or work and using artificial tears. In rare cases, Dr. Monetta may treat the eyes by inserting small plugs in the corner of the eyes to slow tear drainage.


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