Eye Wear

Dr. Monetta Optometry has the largest selection of prescription frames and sunglasses in the Bay Area.  Opticians are available to help patients with frame styling that meet their lifestyle needs.

Opticians will assist patients in the selection of prescription eyewear and are trained to design them using the thinnest lenses available.  Patients with certain prescriptions can expect to receive their completed frames in one (1) hour.

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Dr. Monetta Optometry carries the following frames lines.

“I never realized how important a thorough eye exam was until I went to Dr. Monetta Optometry. During my annual exam, Dr. Monetta checked for all types of eye conditions that develop as we get older. Few things are more precious than eyesight. I want the peace of mind that comes with going to an expert who will take the time to check everything. Best of all, Dr. Monetta Optometry has a really amazing selection of prescription eyewear and sunglasses!”

Kathy Schroeder
Dr. Monetta Optometry patient